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The Chihuahua, a friendly canine of small size, AKA the Chihuahua Kortaar, the Smooth-cover Chihuahua, the Chihuahua Langhaar and the Longcoat Chihuahua. It also has been referred to as the Mexican Dwarf Dog, the Ornament Dog, the Raza Fina and the Pillow Dog. Chihuahuas have a fearless, generally terrier-like temperament. They are strong, feisty small dogs with a saucy and fun loving manners. Chihuahuas are most well known for their little stature, which evidently makes them the ideal versatile “handbag puppy” or “pocket pet”. They should not be underestimated in light of their size. This is a profoundly keen breed. Chihuahuas that are not well socialized can ended up being snappy towards youngsters and strangers, and their fragile skeletal structure needs exceptional consideration to ensure that they are not harmed by hopping off of  high places or being mischief by wild kids. The Chihuahua was distinguished by the American Kennel Club in 1904, as a part of the Toy Group. They are unwaveringly ranked right around the top ten in prominence of breeds distinguished by the American Kennel Club

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